E8: Corporate Disclosure / Genetic Destiny

As government space programs give way to private enterprise, legal frameworks are being setup to support the private ownership of extraterrestrial materials.  Una Drake & Joe Melberg explore the ramifications, and take a quick look at some of the players in the increasingly popular space-based economy.

Show Notes:

Part 1 – Corporate Disclosure

The Falcon Heavy will be launching soon:

Meanwhile Luxembourg prepares the legal framework needed to own material brought in from space, including alien artifacts!?

Thanks to HowStuffWorks.com, we can tour the major players in the private space sector.

When a mistake is not a failure.  Virgin Galactic is mapping new technology.  There will be risks.

Watch Michael Eisner talk about alien contact.

Part 2: You-Genics / Genetic Destiny

As the eugenics movement of the early 20th century recedes into history, a new eugenic reality confronts as advances in germ-line editing via CRISPR methods make new breakthroughs possible, and certain moral equations are inevitably set before us to solve as best we can.

Improve the DNA of Human Embryos”  – Eh…cool…I think…

1 Gene can have 1000 variants (mutations).  How do we determine what those might do?  (pub-med)



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